bleurgh need to ventilate

    • kexix
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      Just need to express my anger /whinemode on

      deposited on titan in the beginning of september and all went well (played on party25nl). I was beating 10nl and 20nl pretty good and was quickly rolled for 50nl; Mid october i was sitting on 1200€~ roll (deposited220€).

      Things went pretty wrong after that; went on a 12BI downswing or smthing and was my largest loss ever in poker i think. I recovered from this downswing by the end of october and thinking this could never happen again(lol)

      So ready for a fresh start in november things went pretty wrong again back on a 7-9BI downswing and haven't play that many session because i just keep losing everytime so i quit after a few beats;

      so if you see me at the tables i'll probably be spewing around on 100nl these days

      oh and FUCK donkaments AJ < A10 for 2nd in chips with 12 left in a 6kgtd tilts me pretty hard :)

      /edit couldn't sleep so i decided to play a few hands(superidea)

      Dealer: Your cards Kh Kd
      Dealer: yajie folds
      Dealer: tintti112 folds
      Dealer: kexlord raises $2
      Dealer: bsasplayer calls $2
      Dealer: Sebas33 calls $1.75
      Dealer: vict75 folds
      Dealer: Dealing Flop
      Jd 8s 4s
      Dealer: Sebas33 bets $2.50
      Dealer: kexlord raises $11
      Dealer: bsasplayer folds
      Dealer: Sebas33 calls $8.50
      Dealer: Dealing Turn
      Jd 8s 4s 7d
      Dealer: Sebas33 checks
      Dealer: kexlord bets $20
      Dealer: Sebas33 raises $41.85
      Dealer: kexlord calls $21.85
      Dealer: Dealing River
      Jd 8s 4s 7d 5c
      Dealer: Sebas33 shows Straight
      6h Jh
      Dealer: kexlord shows One Pair
      Kh Kd

      notes on him: superfish and thinks tpnokicker is the nuts so i was at the table because of him

      /whinemode off

      think i need a few days off and start focusing again; good thing is i'm 99% sure i'm +EV at these limits and i'm probably losing because i'm not playing my best after some beats.
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    • chenny8888
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      total rubbish when you have someone dominated and they hit their 3 outs :/

      You're taking it better than me I think. I get moderately angry when I have someone dominated and nut straight appears on the board for split pot xD .
    • Puschkin81
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      Hi kexix!

      I think it's a good idea to take a break, reread some articles, post some hands and watch our live coachings. I know that you beat the limits you are playing but sometimes Lady Luck isn't on your side. Hope that you move up again soon.

      Good luck at the tables!
    • mchaggis
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      Does this have to do something with depositing?

      I was also easilygrinding up at party and then got a deposit bonus, put in $300 from moneybookers and since then I'm about $250 down on NL25 (still got plenty of cash but it's not very nice). Also took some breaks, read some more (just got 7 new books from 2+2) tried some other rooms where I play when I'm not 100% up to it (more like semi-fun accounts).

      For quite some time I felt ok cause I played quite well (made some mistakes but not that many) but now it's not funny anymore. I go AI with nuts on the flop and get beat by rr flush, top2 pair -> rr str8, tptk j8 hits 2x8...
      and when somehow i manage to flop a str8 from bb and stack a slowplayed AA i lose it very soon by KK vs AA pf. (yesterdays 1,5k hands)
      Not to mention two deepstack losses AA AI preflop against AK and JJ.

      I usually didn't really mind but now I can't help myself not to write something about the brilliance of opponents suckouts in the chat (im defo not abusing them!, only a "brilliant" or "y ofcourse" now and then)

      Now Im probs heading to India to tell the mainsupportguy to change the badluck flag back to normal, otherwise I'll become agressive.
    • Puschkin81
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      Hi mchaggis!

      It has definitely nothing to do with your deposit. Downswings and upswings come and go no matter what. I think you took the right measures. You will move up again.

      Good luck at the tables!