PostgreSQL problems

    • monkey0nfire
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      I recently uninstalled this (postgreSQL) to try and get holdem-manager trial running on my laptop instead of Elephant (coz I couldnt figure out how to display stats of players while at the tables)..

      I couldnt get holdem manager to run so downloaded P.SQl again & reverted to Elephant, but now it too no longer works because i have no database -- its comes up with an error saying that "PostgreSQL cannot link to Elephant"..

      Any clues as to what im doing wrong?
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    • madnkl
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      Probably the regestry entries for postgresql are still active although you uninstalled the software so the tracking program is unable to autoinstall it properly. Try this: run -> regedit -> HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> software , find the postgresql folder and delete the regestry files on the right. After that when you reinstall elephant or any other tracking program it should automatically dl and install postgre :)
    • Larres
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      Hi monkey0nfire,

      while installing Holdem Manager it might have reconfigured your postgreSQL credentials - it definitely will ask for that.

      HM might have changed them according to the way of the installation to (username / password):
      postgre / postgre or
      postgre / postgrepass or
      postgre / dbpass

      And in order to connect the Elephant with your PostgreSQL database server you need to enter the correct postgre credentials.