Paypal to Neteller?

    • toepaja
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      Need some help on this one. I want to transfer €XX from Paypal to neteller.
      Is there anyone that knows a method on this.
      Or is there any trustfully member (like a moderator, admin,...) that can help me. I send you €XX over Paypal, you send me €XX to Neteller.
      Please contact me on skype (XXX Removed by EagleStar88) or in this forum.

      Thanks in advance.
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi toepaja,

      Discussion of or requests for private money transfers are not allowed in the forum. This is to protect the financial and personal data details of all members including yourself.

      We would suggest that you contact neteller directly to arrange for the transfer or to enquire what would be possible.

      Hope you understand and don't let it put you off of posting in the forum in future, just please read the forum rules first.

      Best regards,