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[NL2-NL10] JJ MP Live Cash £.50/£1.00

    • muel294
      Joined: 06.06.2009 Posts: 1,225
      Sorry for probably posting this in the wrong section but I didnt know where else to get feedback and this hand was really bugging me.

      Also, this is NOT my normal game, I play this game and these stakes very rarely and as a result play quite conservatively.

      Dont have HH as this was a live cash game, here's how the action went from memory:

      Blinds = £.50/£1.00

      UTG calls £1
      UTG+1 calls £1
      Folds to
      (Hero ~£90) MP raise to £6 (my standard preflop raise = 4BB+1BB/ limper)
      Action folds to SB(villain ~£77.50) calls £6

      Action folds back to me and me and SB go HU to the flop.

      (Pot = £15)
      Flop: Tc-8d-6d

      SB (Villain) bets £10----> the SB had been uber aggressive, 3 betting a tonne regardless of position and hand strength, so I decided I was way ahead of most hands that he's repping on this board AT,KT, QT,JT. I also thought he could be semi bluffing hands like open enders,gutshots and flushdraws and that I was going to be ahead at this point most of the time.

      Hero MP raises to £30
      SB tanks and calls £30

      Pot ~£75

      Turn: As ----> not the best card in the world if he's holding AT,A6,A8 / AdXd and at this point he felt quite strong to me like he was milking a set or two pair. I went to pot control mode since I now had about £60 behind.

      SB checks
      I check behind

      River: Th

      SB shoves £41.50
      Action is on you, Call or fold and why, also please make comments on my line throughout the hand. I will if villains hand if requested.
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    • Chenghao
      Joined: 04.10.2009 Posts: 274
      1st and foremost , dun play on scared money. If there are juicy / fish / whale on a table and you dun have the bankroll for that limit , ask for stakers! you must be comfortable to lose your whole stack and be fine with your decision.

      the flop has flush and straight draws , does he bet flop with either ?
      if he does have , its perfectly fine to raise there with the intention of getting it in on the flop / turn.

      how does he play his TP / set ?

      if his once and done with his TP , then i will fold there on the river.

      what is your read on him ? Did you observe him shoving on river missed flush draws ?

      when u are playing at a stake that is beyond what u can afford , this is how i would think you think due to this factor :
      i would flat the flop for pot control as i beat the bulk of his hands and want to showdown without risking my whole stack as i am not familiar with this higher stakes game (£100NL)

      there is a scare card on the turn and the river shove means i am beat

      which might not be the case , he might has missed draws and ship the river bcos its the only way he can win the hand ( strange logic but some people do have this concept)

      when you raised the flop , you blew up the SPR ( stack to pot ratio) with your stacks low corresponding to the pot. , on the turn you are still ahead of his range , only losing to AT random 2 overs that saw the flop.

      when you had 60 behind , and pot is 75 , the SPR is less then one , you can easily push already .

      as played on flop and turn , i would fold river as its only a JJ pair ( Js up)
    • muel294
      Joined: 06.06.2009 Posts: 1,225
      There are some juicy juicy fish, but there are some good - very good players also, I just try to stay out of pots with them unless I have the Nizzles (nuts).

      when you raised the flop , you blew up the SPR ( stack to pot ratio) with your stacks low corresponding to the pot. , on the turn you are still ahead of his range , only losing to AT random 2 overs that saw the flop.

      My intention was to end the hand there or get it all in on the turn against a blank but obviously the Ace on the turn could have conceivably helped his hand.

      What do you think about check calling the flop for pot control and firing the turn if he checks to me? This way I can define my hand for cheaper and still get value from his bluffing range? If I get check raised or he leads the turn I am mostly folding. Although this seems really spewy and passive and would be unlikely to see a cheap showdown anyway against this type of player.

      I asked him if he shows if I fold on the river and he said definitely, which put me close to calling as this felt weak. But I was calling off 2/3's the remainder of my stack which would have been ugly had I been wrong.

      Thanks for the feedback
    • MaestroOfZerg
      Joined: 17.11.2008 Posts: 5,510

      With standard ranges he has you beat very rarely compared to the times you're ahead, unless you put a lot of stocks in your "in the moment" read that he was trying to milk you. Frankly if you're playing above your comfort level, it's a natural thing to feel, so I wouldn't really trust it all that much, but that's your call.

      If you're confident in your read, check back the turn and fold that particular river, slowplayed stuff still beats you, some Ax are now ahead of you, and all the Tx hands beat you as well. Not worth bluff-catching when he shoves that river.

      If you don't trust your read all that much, it's a mistake to give him a free card in that spot, you should just jam the turn for value and call it a cooler if he has you beat.

      Hope it helps.