Definition of your name!

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      Hi guys/girls,

      Reply to this thread with the definitions of your name (can be either your actual first name, a nickname or PokerStrategy username).

      You need to post:
      1. The name
      2. The actual dictionary definition
      3. A fun alternative (made-up) definition ;)
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    • EagleStar88
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      1. Bart

      2. Bart: Short for baronet, a member of the British order of honor; ranks below a baron but above a knight.

      3. Bart: Someone with far too much time on their hands and cannot help spamming forms with (occasionally useful) random posts.
    • nibbana
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      1. nibbana

      2. nibbana - nirvana; the release from the cycle of rebirth and the extinction of all desires and aversions; the attainment of enlightenment

      3. nibbana: the inability to release oneself from the cycle of playing micro stakes and failed extinction of all bad BRM and tilt; the attainment of unenlightenment
    • Hadi
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      1. Hadi

      2. come on!, go on!, come along!

      3. That which brings the "awe" to awesome
    • jbpatzer
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      1) jbpatzer

      2) patzer - a bad chess player

      3) patzer - a bad poker player
    • justkyle88
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      This thread could get interesting if we used urbandictionary :s_evil:

      1) Kyle

      2) Kyle (noun) - a narrow channel of water between two islands or between an island and the mainland; a strait or sound.

      3) Kyle (noun) - titty man
    • neil0707
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      The urban dictionary's the way to it.

      1) Neil

      2) Neil Irish Champion

      3) Neil Not Irish and Not a Champion,

      4) Neil (urban dic) a person of awesome intellect, wit, and good manners in everything he dose.

      5) Neil (urban dic) short-ass who uses Wikipedia to support his vain theorems.

      6) Neil (urban dic) one who takes stiff man pole in his butt.

      7) Neil (urban dic) a guy who has very small nuts.

      I do not think that the Urban Dictionary likes guys called Neil, Nick on the other hand reads........Nice bloke with large penis......Changeing my name tomorrow. :D
    • bradomurder
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      a slender wire nail having either a small, deep head or a projection to one side of the head end.

      –verb (used with object)
      to fasten with brads.
    • pogodon
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      cool thread my name is JAY

      every body calls me JAYO and until this very moment i didnt no jayo had a definition but you learn something new every day

      1.jayo= A name to call a person when tryin to diss them. Short for jag off.
      I can't go, by boss is being a jayo.

      i got this name when i was boxing because i had 21 fights and no losses so everybody was calling me jay-o 21-0 but i was knocked out in my 22 fight so i suppose i should of through my name away :D

      :spade: :heart: :diamond: :club:
    • fryandspicy
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      Fry And Spicy - An east London establishment that specialises in chicken

      fryandspicy - A west Cambridge boy that specialises in fish
    • Jehudas
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      Jehudas - a union of the following...
      • Judas - a traitor :s_evil:
      • Jehova - "the real name of god" :s_pleased:
      • Midas - everything he touched turned into gold :s_biggrin:
    • Alficor1
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      Alficor is an union of these:
      (At first it was Alfica though)
      Alfa Romeo - Italian car producer
      Kubica - a formula one driver
      Then i saw all those poker names like Isildur1, Odonkor1 so i changed it to Alficor1. Sounds pretty good i think.
    • Hadi
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      As a hint:
      Isildur ist the name of a Lord of the Rings character and Odonkor that of a German football player (...and could also be the name of an Irishman who's bad at poker: O'Donkor)
    • Kimber88
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      According to Urban Dictionary

      1. Kimber

      a) Kind,funny,and very lovable! trust me she is a great girl that could change your life She is hottttt! and is a very caring person

      b) The world's largest manufacturer of 1911 pistols, as well as rifles, shotguns, and much more.

      c) a girl who is all around perfect. very sexy and badass in bed.

      d) A man that does all the ground work for a women but can't seal the deal!.....A Gay Boy.

      3. Honestly I can't come up with anything funnier than the actual definitions.

      PS. I'm a guy :s_confused:

    • Hadi
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      I've got bad news for you.. ;)
    • Kimber88
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      Originally posted by Hadi
      I've got bad news for you.. ;)
      I swear I didn't know any of that when I chose the name :f_biggrin:
    • hackbinder
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      My name is Peter

      Actual Name Definition - Rock (From the Greek Petros).

      Dictionary Verb Definition - To fade away (The storm petered out).

      North American Slang Definition - Penis (I'm not making this up!).

      My FT name is Dackbinder

      The first time I ever played on FT, some guy says, "Nice name. It sounds like an alien from outer space that speaks German!"
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      1 Chenghao

      Cheng Hao (traditional Chinese: 程顥, AD 1032–1085), styled Bochun (Chinese: 伯淳), was a neo-Confucian philosopher from Luoyang, China. In his youth, he and his younger brother Cheng Yi were students of Zhou Dunyi, one of the architects of Neo-Confucian cosmology.
      [edit] Life

      Hao's grandfather was a county magistrate in Huangpi and died there while in that capacity. Hao's father Cheng Xiang (Chinese: 程珦) was still young at the time and was unable to return to Luoyang, so he was forced to grow up in Huangpi instead. He later became county detective (simplified Chinese: 县尉), at which time his two sons Hao and Yi were born.[1] In 1057 Hao passed the Imperial examinations and became an entered scholar. He successively served as an administrative clerk in Hu County, Shaanxi, as an administrative clerk in Shangyuan County (an area now in Nanjing), as an administrative director in Zezhou, as well as a minister of ceremony, a Censor, a tax and tariff official, a ceremony minister to the military, and various other positions.

      Cheng Hao and Cheng Yi were among the pioneers of Song Dynasty Neo-Confucianism, and they are often credited with its formal creation along with Zhu Xi and several other scholars. The two brothers were sometimes referred to as "The Two Chengs" (Chinese: 二程), or individually as "Cheng the Elder" (Chinese: 大程) and "Cheng the Younger" (Chinese: 小程). They dealt extensively with cosmology in their studies, applying Neo-Confucian principles to their studies of celestial bodies. In particular, the brothers identified and applied the principle of Divine or Natural Order, called li, to that of Tian, the Heavens, as their original and guiding power.[2] Hao established schools at Fugou and Songyang (in modern Dengfeng). Throughout his life he promoted the view that study and scholarship were means to making men sages, once writing: "The studies of a superior man must arrive at sagacity [sage-hood] and then upon his own intellect; in the case of not arriving at sage-hood but upon his own intellect, all is lost."[3] Hao died in 1085 at the age of fifty-three.
      [edit] Legacy

      Hao was known as an outgoing, laid-back, and lively man, in contrast to his stern and severe younger brother. As Neo-Confucianism's popularity grew throughout the early second millennium AD, the two Cheng brothers along with Zhou Dunyi, Zhang Zai, Shao Yong, and Sima Guang became known as "The Six Masters of Northern Song"[4] for their philosophical contributions.

      Hao also received several posthumous titles: in 1220 he was given the posthumous name "Lord of Purity" (traditional Chinese: 純公) by the emperor. In 1241 he was given the posthumous title of "Bo [Earl] of Henan". In 1330, an imperial decree made Hao the posthumous "Lord of Yu Kingdom [Henan]".

      3) alternate explanation ( given by my mum : i was born in the wee hours of the day , so cheng = morning , hao = glory

      if u think about a plant , here you go.

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      no such thing as an irishman thats bad at poker :P
    • JonnyJr555
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      Jonny - comes from decent bollywood movie "Johnny Gaddar" (means "Johnny The Traitor")

      Jr- Juniour (because Jonny Seniour sounds crazy!)

      555- because 5 is my lucky number!

      So it should be :

      But its "JonnyJr555" because i mispelled it while regestring my account! lol :D
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