Downswing or just my imagination that I am good

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      Now I am a bit pissed off, so no good mood to write here a lot. All the story I will write down later. Just answer me, am I a f*cking donkey? Thank you :)

      I really don't like to complain. How bad the cards were and how many suckouts I did get etc.

      So just share your opinion or if you had the same amount of stacks "downswing" and maybe you think that this is normal. Previously I had like 10 stacks deep downs and I even did not worried about that,because later I got 20 up. But 40?!

      Ok, enough for know, maybe I'll start blog'ing...

      This graph is from September until know.

      P.S. God damn... All this started when I just decided to go "pro"... is it a punishment? :D

      NL25 is from Stars; Rush from FTP;

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