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    • benHurOvahRNMD
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      hey everyone i am new to poker strategy i am looking to improve my game i have been playing poker for about 5 yrs i started to take it serious in the last 2yrs after one of my mates changed his life style from being a roof tiler to staying home and busting 6hrs on interpoker and earning a nice wage, i am open to any suggestion of help so drop by and give me some advice. I will appreciate it and if can will return a good deed. thank you
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi behHurOvah & welcome to the community,

      Just make sure that you keep an open mind with regards to the educational material.
      I too had played poker for many years before finding PokerStrategy and it's sometimes hard to get rid of a few bad habits. Don't be afraid of trying the strategies provided, even if they are different to your current game.
      A wider understanding is always good to fine tune your own game.

      Best regards & good luck,