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      I am just creating the thread to guage intrest.
      Note to mods:If this is against board rules pls delete it.
      Backround: MTTs varience is brutual and most of us arent able to put in enough of a sample size individually. it is also hard to find motivation to grind MTTs.
      concept:Every sunday, a group of y players each invest x amount of dollars in g amount of MTTs (Note, y,g, and x depend of what u guys want). Every player plays the same MTTs and rails other players when possible. At the end of the day (ie;when all y players have been eliminated from every tourney) we look at everyone's results. All money won is divided equally among all y players regardless of individual results. Eg: One person wins 10K and the 4 other people bust out of every touny, everyone gets 2K each.
      People must be trustworthy and be willing to pay even if they end up winning a huge MTT.
      People can be kicked off the team if the other members feel that they are a strain on the team.
      NO soft playing, colluding or chip dumping allowed
      Pros of this system:
      Decreases varience significantly therefore we can play higher tournies then we otherwise be able to.
      Motivated by peers to grind
      Neccessary Software:
      Skype: For chat among team members. A mic is reccomended but not really a 100% neccasity.
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