The $0-$10,000 challenge do you believe it ?

    • Donmecon
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      Chris Ferguson supposedly completed this almost impossible task of turning $0 into $10,000. How do we know this is true and where is the evidence. Anyone could claim to have acheived this feat but proof is what is needed.

      Pro poker players get us all to believe they are the best in their field and will never admit that poker is practically 100% luck. However disciplined you are and however well you make decisions it still boils down to luck.
      We can all get our money in with the best hand but how often does it hold up.

      I have spent a few years now playing poker, making a small profit in that time. Generally I make correct decisions but almost everytime I'm eliminated from a tournament or lose a big pot in a cash game it is because of plain bad luck.

      I suppose Chris Ferguson is Jesus so he dosen't have bad luck or downswings.

      The media are sadly to blame for this god like status that pro poker players live under. Programmes galore like Poker After Dark and High Stakes Poker are hyped up by the commentators who come out with " Amazing fold " and " Incredible bluff " as though these are the only people that can do these sort of moves.

      I expect all these amazing pros could turn $0 into $1,000,000,000 if they wanted to because they are the best, according to the media.
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    • Berzerger
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      It's not that amazing really.

      Step 1: play freerolls until you have enough of a capital to tackle lowest buy-ins
      Step 2: grind low limits and move up once you won enough
      Step 3: progress up the stakes normally until you reach $10,000

      It's all about step 1, beating freerolls is an insane task. Especially if you have to keep playing those until you reach, say, $50. An alternative to this would be to deposit $50 yourself and proceed from there. Many pokerstrategists have turned their starting capital into sums of over $10k so I really don't see why you're so overly sceptical about it.

      About poker being 100% luck, you're currently on a site called pokerstrategy as opposed to poker luck, you should know better.
    • holnrew
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      man I wish there was a site called pokerluck.

      i'd way rather know how control my luck than learn strategy
    • AussieIan
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      yes Domnecom, it's all luck....and did you know it's rigged? But if you wear a tin foil hat while playing the aliens can't read your thoughts and you'll profit more. Also, do a search for Boku87, he recently completed a challenge to turn $5 into $100 000 within 12mths, including plenty of downswings on the way.

      There are good players, there are bad players, given your attitude, you are a bad player. Study the articles (pay note to the psychology articles) and learn, then hit the tables and play at your best.
    • MIMIso
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      Of course it is possible.

      Few days ago, I won like 0.50$ on Party poker freeroll. Now I'm up to 15$ after ~5k hands.

      Everyone can pull it of, you just need to prepare mentally for getting your aces cracked by 36s. It happens in micros way to often. :)
    • elhh82
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      $0 -> $10k pfft.

      you should check out our black members who turned $50 into $mirrions.
    • xmarukox
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    • NightFrostaSS
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      I'd love to see how Chris Ferguson would try to do this in nowadays environment
    • fuzzyfish
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      Lets make a rule - before creating a new "Poker is 100% luck" thread one has to read through all existing "Poker is 100% luck" threads. Anybody with me? Moderators?
    • AussieIan
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      How about a rule of before making a poker is all luck thread......GTFO and dont let the door hit you in the arse on the way out.....
    • Justin37
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      i use to think poker is luck but never discuss it b4.

      So, i tested it myself after few months as pokerstrategy member. Reading Ferguson n Boku blog made me wanting to try it.

      I played on pokerstars freeroll got so many weekends tickets n after slightly over a month i managed to make $0.00 to around $280. Most importantly BR management.

      The only problem for me right now is timing to play which is i dont have.
    • Yoghi
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      Originally posted by elhh82
      $0 -> $10k pfft.

      you should check out our black members who turned $50 into $mirrions.
      I don't think there's a lot of them ;)
    • alejandrosh
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      didn't boku turn $5 into 100k recently?
    • ihufa
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      Originally posted by alejandrosh
      didn't boku turn $5 into 100k recently?
      but where is the proof?????

      it all boils down to luck you guys
    • NightFrostaSS
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      boku could turn cat into dog while 50 tabling 180 mans SnG's at same time
    • wasy8
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      its all rumors, just keep depositing dude and maybe your luck will turn around
    • theghooost
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      I wish i could be bothered to find his blog link,He explained and showed every game he played to win this,He played freerolls and progressed,He won a $1 freezeout giving him a nice chunk,Then progressed using strict bankroll management.
      The most important thing in being a good player,Is not the skill at the table,Its the managing of your bankroll,Which i will admit is the hardest thing to control for my poker game,Especially after a beer or 4 :P
      Poker is fun though,Should be for all.
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      I was going to spout off about having done it, done that, done this and that, but I can't be arsed with these posters anymore. I guess I just get lucky a lot.
      Have fun; oh and good luck. :)
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