Push or fold charts

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      Sorry if this has been brought up before, but I just want to be crystal clear about these charts.

      Strategy articles say the following:

      [COLOR=red][I]You always use this chart when everyone has folded so far and your chip stack, or the chip stacks of all the opponents after you, are 13 big blinds or smaller.

      Now find numbers from 4 to 13. As you may have already guessed, these numbers tell you how many big blinds you need to go all-in with your hand in this position. If there is a 5, you have to go all-in if you, or every opponent after you, has 5 or less big blinds.[B][/I]

      for the statement I have underlined above, I am interpreting this as saying we push or fold according to effective stack sizes. Is this correct?

      To be concrete:

      if I am in the CO with 15BB and all players yet to act have 5BB it would be correct to push 65s??
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    • Aizeral
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      Although im sure a more experienced poster will be able to confirm your thoughts with a greater degree of accuracy, allow me to think out loud.

      I do believe what you are saying in your example is indeed correct, and it would be correct to push in that situation. I think its a profitable, despite being behind in terms of pocket cards on certain occasions, because of the massive fold equity you possess, and also the likelihood that these small stacks are likely to call your all in with an extremely tight range, which means more often than not you are going to pick up the blinds preflop.

      Thats my thinking, I am most likely wrong, and thus I am fully prepared to be corrected on the matter.