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      Hello. This is my first post and it may contain a lot of stupid questions, but i'm confused.
      I will point out the main misunderstandings and maybe someone will have the time to answer.
      First of all ,i made my first account via PS , maybe a year ago, at bet365. I didn't recieve my 50 bonus, they kept asking for stupid photos and other stuff so i fill up the account with my own money. After i lost all of it, i didn't play any more, until few days ago (7 days exactly).
      I started playng on Party poker, but i didn't conected with PS, i think.
      From of all this nonsence, the SP dind"t grow (it remained as i let it when a didn't played no more). so :

      1. Where does it shows on my account wich poker room contributes to my SP winings ?\

      2. What am i supose to do with the bet 365 if i don't want to play there anymore and how to disconnect the poker room from PS ?

      3 .If a began playing on one poker room, and i now want to be able to gain SP, i have to make another account on the same room, or that room will be unavailable for PS ?
      I really don't care much about the bonuses, all i want is acces to articlesand videos

      That's all i can think off right now. The answers to all of this probably are in other topics, but it's all a mess in my head right now.
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    • HannesZ
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      Hello InSpire69 and Welcome to PokerStrategy.com!

      1) Your account needs to be created through us. Usually you have to use our download link or bonus code.

      2) There is no disadvantage for you. You can have more than one poker room connected to us.

      3) All our partner poker rooms can be found here:
      The Best Bonuses in Online Poker

      You just are allowed to have one account on each room, so if you have already one, you cannot create a second one.
      For each room you will find a download instruction where we tell you how you open the account.

      If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

      Best regards,