It's not all about knowledge it's about luck :D

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      Hi guys,

      I want you to tell my story about luck and knowledge about poker, i put money on one new poker room because my friends told me that there have a much lose players and it is easy to make profits because they don't know how to play poker really, so i put 10 euro and play very tight and about a 3 hours i made about 260 euros on blind 0.25/0.5 and i made a break, after the break i move it to new level of blind it is 15/30 euros and i put it all money 270 euros, and on blind i don't get anything also on small blind, and the third hard im on the button i have AA and one player on the middle position raise about 60 euro 2xBB i raise it about 120 euros with my AA the player just called, and the FLOP comes A 5 8 different suite i get a set of AA , and i made decision to go for slow play with my set, and i check the player raise about 100 euros and i think that i get him off and right now i put all-in and the payer call me and he show me his set of 55 and i was very happy until the river that came fourth 5 and he make poker and i loose the hand and all money, i wrote this hand because to tell you how strong your are like player without some little luck you have 100% of lose :D

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