Downswing at cash games ...

    • z1pz0r
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      This downswing hitted me pretty bad ... I was NL 50 winning reg, now I have br for NL25. I went to NL25, but I started playing very badly, most players seemed fishes to me and I didn't really respect them, also NL25 seemed to me like waste of time ... Then I went back to NL50 without proper br management, and hitted downswing again ...

      Whenever I start playing NL25, I play my normal good play, but after half an hour when I see some bad plays from my opponents, I just start thinking "omg these idiots dont know how to play" and start playing too aggressive.

      Maybe I'm just not for poker.

      Any suggestions?
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    • MatejM47
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      Well if you see your making mistakes playing to agro style then stop doing it ? Can't get simpler than that. Playing standard TAG style on micros is the way to grind up the levels, not playing LAG monkey style since people generally don't fold enough to be profitable.

      And your running bad for about last 10k hands which is nothing else but a normal downswing, even tho it looks like you tilted and spewed away a few stacks as well.