The bankroll management and patience Quest

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      Hello everybody,

      Alex is the name, poker is the game, you know :s_biggrin: ... I play online poker for about 1 year, and despite of my readings of articles, books, I am a regular losing player :] . Also I am married (very important detail), therefore I am not allowed to deposit more than 10-30$ per month :P , and I decided to respect this rule, for the sake of peace and harmony.
      So I am reading books, wathing videos, play the best I can, then why am I losing? Several times (I think 6 or 7) I managed to go from 5 or 10$ to over 200$ in maximum 1 (one) day. The next day, I lost everything in a few hours, every time :evil: . I think the reason is because I went up so fast, my mind just blew away every time, and I wanted to make the million in the same day. With the 200$+ I played and lost on limits like 3/6$ or 5/10$, which is very normal.

      I believe now I am ready to start to also control myself, not only my poker playing. In my case, the biggest enemy is me, not the sharks swimming in online poker rooms. I have to learn and use the bankroll management rules and also develop high-level discipline ... :s_cool: .

      ... and now I start this blog, which I hope to keep me motivated and focused on discipline goals. I need you guys to help me with this, please :s_frown: !
      I have exactly 10$ on pokerstars. This time I am aiming the sng strategy. I intend to play 25c sngs until my bankroll is 30$. With this limit, I have 40 buyins, which is great from bankroll management point of view. From 30$, I go up to 1.1$ and 1.2$ single or multi table sngs.

      Let's see if it works! I will come back with honest results!
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      You really need some patience. If you make 200$ in one day maybe you are not playing at the right stakes for you bankroll.

      If you play at 3$/6$ you will be just a small fish in a sea full of sharks :s_biggrin: with only 200$ in you poker account.

      Good luck this time !
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      Well hello again guys. I could tell you that I played some 25c sngs, won some, lost some ... Yeah, I could! But I will tell you the truth. I lost my 10$ in 30 min, playing 2 cash tables of 5/10c and one MTT of 8$. So again, even with this blog, I failed :f_biggrin: . Hmmm, there has to be a solution ... any idea of getting disciplined?
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      in some sites you can put limitations stakes and tournament Buy-ins. If you cant control your self - site can do it ;) I used to have the same problem :)
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      Second fail! Had 15$ bonus from a friend who cashed 5th in a 3.3$ guaranteed for about 350$. 15$ went instantly down the drain again in 5/10c cash tables ... with two KK beaten by AA in 5 minutes and then tilt! I hate my human nature ...
      Hope to start my 3rd shot soon!
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      well I think the message is clear DON'T PLAY NL10 with 10$ or 15$.

      if you can deposit 10-30$ every month just don't play at least till you have 50$ then you can start like everyone in here from 50$ to whatever ( by not playing NL10 without BRM) ...
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      you lack money management.

      aaahh not . that was not exactly true... you do not have any management of your money

      long story short and down to numbers

      you never have more than 5% on the table at any time


      if you have 10$ you cannot play NL

      if you have 30$ you cannot play either

      if you have 40$ hurrah you can play now 0.01$-0.02$ NL ( that is one cent -tw0 cents with 2$ or 100bbs buy in on the table)

      you read articles watch videos on pokerstrategy etc and you improve bith your bankroll and knowledge.

      remember 5% max on the table

      Good Luck
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      Go down stakes pal, respect ur bankroll, some people tend to have a more aggressive approach like even 30% of whole br in one table, but if you lose a buy-in in 5 minutes. I think you need to work on:
      • Your game
      • Your bankroll managment (that's obvious)

      If you keep playing NL10 with that br, please sir, sit down at my table (:
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      I think everyone is being horrible to you. If you don't mind depositing a small amount each month, just keep on playing. It's only a game. You'd pay more than that a month for other sports and pastimes. I'm sure you're old enough to decide how you want to spend your money. Of course, if you're looking to make money doing this, you're going to need to pay careful attention. :f_biggrin:
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      Hey guys!

      Thanks for the replies. All the advices are very important to me in my fight with non self discipline. This blog is becoming more a noob forum page :P , so I think it's time to say some words about me.

      Personal stuff

      - I have 27 years and I am an engineer in the semiconductor industry. It's really fun to make chips and it's rewarding. At least here in Eastern Europe it's quite an exotic field.
      - I have a super wife, married for 2 years, no children yet
      - I also have a very nice shih tzu dog, which is 8 month and and as crazy as it gets, makes our lives happier.
      - I play the guitar for 10 years and piano for about 2, in my attempt to learn Fur Elise for my wedding (the teacher gave me 1 year to learn it, I did in 4 month).

      Poker stuff

      - Found out about Texas Holdem 1 year ago from a german friend, and really liked it. I only imagined the game played live :D
      - Found pokerstars in December and from that moment I played almost every day
      - Read a lot of books and articles about NL, but lost some money and went to fixed limit. Here I had quite a lot of succes, transforming 1$ in 200$ several times (I started at 2/4c, at 10$ increased the limit to 5/10c, at 30$ to 10/20c, at 50$ at 25/50c and went to 1/2 and 2/4$ in the same day. Unfortunately the next day I increased again the limit :f_cool: to 3/6$ and lost all, every single time!)
      - found, become silver in a few days, but went on tilt and lost everything in the poker room where I registered for the 50$ bonus. So far I cannot advance in grade here @
      - I adopted the tight aggressive style which works fine for me, BUT, in the last weeks I had a really bad run of cards. I lost with flopped straights, sets, trips, a lot of KKs and AAs and so on. What they say in books that is can last for days, weeks or month is true. However I have this had bad habit of ignoring bankroll management, which I know very well and read everyday about it.
      - I started this blog with the hope to find advices and poker friends.

      Personal goals

      - make a child in the following year
      - make my wife and dog happy
      - play jazz in a nice bar or restaurant Friday nights

      Poker goals

      - learn poker discipline
      - somehow deposit or win 100$ so I can start bankrolling seriously
      - read as many books and articles, watch as many videos as possible

      Long term pokergoals: make 1M$

      That's me! :] . Now, my next post should be me depositing at least 50$ and start winning! Thanks again!