Hello friends.

So far I played SSS and I belive we all know the only site where you can play optimaly SSS is Pokerstars.
After some time there I decided to choose my playing style so BSS, more accuratley SH.
Due to that I will not be in need of big pool of new tables, so I can focus more on game now and also would like to have some RakeBack.
My first thoughts are to switch to FTP , since they have 27% rb, but they changed rake distirbution policy so I am not sure about that anymore.

I also have 40% rb deal at Bet24( Ongame) and since they have reasnoble number of players, tables and fishes it seems like smart option to test those waters.
I played cca 30k hands on SSS there and it was okish.
Their software is kinda slow, but as said I wont need many tables, so its doable I guess.

Another tempting method is the Paynorake site.
THey give you 200% first deposit bonus and you can earn up to 100% rake back.
Minimum is 50% and rest is up to you ( how much rake you earn), they also have rake meter at their site and pay rakeback dilly.
I spoke with some guys who play there and they all said there is no problem with payouts.
all you need to do is to send them photo of your ID and thats it.

I would like to hear your opinion about it,which may help me decide.
All comments and ideas much appriciated.

Best Regards