hi all

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    • pogodon
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      good luck
    • nathanrenard
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      As you still didn't get the bonus, are you reading articles?

      Have you decided what kind of game you're gonna try out? Keep us posted. And have fun, most important thing of all.
    • nissedk
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      yes i am still reading the guides here, so im ready when the money comes. And thx for the good luck =)

      yeah im gonna try with some SNG's untill i have the roll to start playing MTT
      I have been playing poker for some years, and i have won some "big" MTT before on other sites, but.. but... but.. i have a great ability to try some cashgame where i get donked out constantly and loose what i win in tours, and then i go on tilt... deposit 20 dollars... win 1450 dollars in a 2,20 MTT tour... then loose 1000 dollars in cashgame where the first 400 is badbeats and rest i take on higher table tilting or getting in impossible situations where i call when i should fold, and fold where i should call.. and after some hours the whole stack is gone....

      So i hope the BRM will help me, and i will try to keep away from the cash
    • MichaelM
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      Resist the tilt ;)
      What you are writing seems like a plan to me. Have you already gave our Strategy Section a look on the topic?
      When dealing with tilt, it might be good idea to start from scratch and reinvent your game.
      Check out our Self study and management board. That is a great place to get rid of the tilt.