Looking for leaks.

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      After few hour playing i came up with this graph. ( i know its a really small sample ). So im looking for some leaks. First ~800 hands I played at NL4 FR tables, my graph is a bit swingy there, and non showdown winnings, from what iv seen in other graphs seems normal. Last ~300+ hands looks interesting. I played those at NL4 SH tables ( 5 max ). Those were very fishy ones. Im a bit worried about non showdown winnings. Does it mean i bluff too much? I feel more comfortable at SH tables, its easier for me to adopt to tables/game, since there are less players, so im making few exceptions from strategy I used in FR tables. I didnt know how to convert stats, so i just copied them with "PrtSc". Would be great if anyone could have a look at them to check for some leaks, since im not quite sure on what should i look at. Thanks.


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