Officially retired from cash games

    • Donmecon
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      For the past two years all my profit has come from Sit N Go and MTT

      Cash games I have lost money ( not heavily ) but lost all the same.

      I play 6 player tables but today decided that maybe 9 player would suit me better. How wrong I was !

      I lost a massive pot with a set of queens and thats the normal story. I pick up a monster and lose. The only time I ever seem to win a pot is when everyone folds pre-flop I sit for hours on Sit N Goes and lose my gains in seconds on cash games its just not worth it.

      So now I have decided solely to concentrate my efforts making money at Sits and MTT.

      Anyone else find cash games too hard ?
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    • Berzerger
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      I feel the exact opposite. I used to be a solid SnG player, but nowadays no matter what hands I play or how I play them I can't make the money. It's been really horrible... Cash games on the other hand seem so much easier, you don't have to rely on winning a 60-40 situation in order to make the money, you just keep whatever you win. It's really a matter of what you're most comfortable with. Just focus on SnG/MTT to make moniez and have some fun with cash games on the side when you feel like it.
    • SPeedFANat1c
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      Cahs games are easy, at least on NL4 :D I don't like sng's because there is push fold phase. And one more reason - you can't leave the table whenever you need to.