Is poker really a game of skill?? how much can i take?

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      I'm playing poker for 4 years now, i've played all the games there is, Omaha, Razzz, Stud , Draw etc. I've read at least 5, 6 books plus articles on pokerstrategy and also got coaching from friends i made on tables that turn out to be very helpfull.
      I've been more succefull on my 2nd year when i consider my self a fish than i can make now, its like months of badrun, lost of time and pacience. All this tourneys i play turn in to complete frustation,i am now officially a callstation....
      been defeated so many times putting all my stack with the best... the most recent was so bitter i was like 20 places away from money in 16.5k garanteed on FT CU raises i push with JJ(13k chips) and he instacalls with Ad8d(he had 16k chips)... no need to say that the A came on the flop and he sends me to the rail.... now i checked him and he's got nice roi and all.... i dont understand this why would a guy making this kind of plays be a winning player??? i allways check oponents and often they have awfull results and i think he's got lucky in this ONE hand... Wish i could find out a way to get out of this steaming, this is getting like standart for me... how can i win long run if this continues to happen to me??
      GL to all
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