So I was on the bubble of a $26 super turbo SNG, the chipleader by far. I was out of the other 3 tables already (this was the last active table), and I needed literally to bust the other 3 players myself, to get enough points to finish in first overall and get some extra $. So, not to risk any of the other players busting someone and stealing my points, i decided to push every hand and call every all in - when it started this was a fine strategy according to ICM, I had around 1200 chips, the others had 300-600, with blinds at 160 (what usually happens is everyone folds until we reach the money)

Here are the results of that strategy:

T8 losing to 93
KQ losing to K4
Losing 7 allins in a row, then immediately after that, winning 4 in a row
coming back from 1BB to win the tournament (48 beating 39)

lol, at least I got them all, and won both this and the matrix! w00t!