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Stacking application

    • z1pz0r
      Joined: 12.08.2009 Posts: 981
      I have read and accepted the staking rules. By posting in this thread, every member acknowledges the same.


      This is my first stacking application so I'm not sure if I've made this right.
      Here's my link to feedback thread: Stacking application - feedback

      I'm also not really sure what I should say here, since I posted everything in feedback thread. Mods please don't delete if I didn't make it right, just say and I'll make the changes.

      Thank you, BOBOsvk for pointing out missing information.

      - References are in upper link

      - 23.10. - 30.10. I'm going to play at least 5 hours/day. I'm usually not playing very long sessions as I find myself not to be fully concetrated.
      Otherwise I play about 2/3 hours per day.
      I've studied most articles Pokerstrategy section and watched many NL50 and NL100 videos and I plan to watch more of them during school break.

      - I'd like to play NL50 comfortably, though I'm sure I can play profitable at NL100.

      - I'm looking to be staked, because I lost most of my bankroll due to some psychological problems (my gf leaving me and downswing at the same time made me tilt). I've read some psychological articles now, that I didn't care about before and found them quite interesting.

      - I was only looking to get staked, but if someone offers to help me with my game, well it can't hurt!

      - MSN:, I'll try to get headset for school break to get some private coaching (I don't have skype yet)
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    • BOBOsvk
      Joined: 14.02.2010 Posts: 2,505
      1. References
      2. How much volume are you willing to put (month,week), hrs to play/study
      3. What kind of stakes do you prefer (shortterm / longterm)
      4. Why are you looking to be staked ?
      5. Do you want only to be staked or staked-coached ?
      5. skype/messangers ?

      i am not interested in making deal with you :)
      thesere are just some points i should write about
    • EagleStar88
      Joined: 06.10.2008 Posts: 7,359
      Hi z1pz0r,

      Don't worry my friend, this staking business is a new concept to us mods too and we want to work with members to help them through the process wherever possible.

      Many thanks to BOBOsvk for the above reply ;)

      There's a little guidance and a few tips on what you should put in the following sticky thread too:

      Any problems, don't hestitate to ask.

      Best wishes & good luck,

    • reggeboy
      Joined: 09.04.2010 Posts: 3
      XXX Removed by EagleStar88 - Breach of Rule 6 & Breach of Staking Rules.

      Please read the Forum Rules & Staking Rules threads carefully before posting. You should not disrupt other members threads.
      If you are looking to be staked, you must follow the staking rules precisely (including setting up a new thread) otherwise moderators will remove your posts.
    • z1pz0r
      Joined: 12.08.2009 Posts: 981
      Can someone please delete that guy's comment? Thx
    • z1pz0r
      Joined: 12.08.2009 Posts: 981
      Due to lack of interest and a huge upswing I have lately, I don't need to be staked anymore.