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    • pogodon
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      hello i have one question witch i constantly doubt myself im giving this as a hypotetical scenario

      im dealt A :spade: 4 :diamond: 10 :club: k :spade: i raise pre flop witch i would do with this hand the way i play

      flop J :club: 10 :heart: 4 :club:

      ok they way i play i raise the pot with my 2 pair and my opponent calls

      the turn 5 :heart:

      ok here is my problem now i have built a pot a little but im not in love with my hand there is no straight or flushs but alot of the time i end of checking here should i just fire another pot bet at this or should i be completely wrong in ever getting in this spot,

      ive never read anything on omaha strategy ive only played for few months but i do be a consistent winner i play mega aggressive but this is the one spot i hate been in is when i have two pair and the board turns dwar heavey i always question myself in this spot any advice
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    • Jackalof
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      Opponent dependant of course blah blah

      Vs most opponents I def double barrel this. It's quit a dry turn, there are not alot of hands that call flop and improve on this turn (KQ with hearts. 6789 type of hands ). Standard opponent either has KQ or wrap or just a FD on the flop. Most would raise flop with multiple draw.

      But again, opponent dependant. I saw guys calling with top set in that spot to check raise the commited maniac on the turn.

      See if opponents adapt to you (started floating more, 3-bet you IP, etc). If you play a wide range aggressively and don't know what to do in those spots - you will lose alot.

      Anyway, you shouldn't play trash hands esp. OOP because it puts you in alot of spots which are harder to solve than in that lolly two card game ---IMO---.