How aggressivly do you play draws?

    • CreamyGoodness
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      Just as the title asks, how aggresively do you play your draws.

      The question came to me when I played a small hand on a $10NL table today. It was nothing major, but it made me question my play.

      MP2 limped, small blind limped and I checked my big blind. I had T8o

      The flop came 7 9 T rainbow. I bet .20 into the .30 pot and both folded.

      Like I said, relativly insignificant.

      How often do you semibluff with say a flush draw on the flop against a player who called you, or raised you PF? Will you continue on the turn if you miss?

      I tend to bet my draws quite strongly until I meet resistance. I find it often ends the hand, or lets me see the river for free.

      This is probably a very broad question but it has been on my mind all day.
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    • Alficor1
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      Betting top pair with open ender is not exactly semibluffing.;) Semibluffing would be betting just an eight (Like A8) or a hand like QJ or KJ there.

      It depends if i'm IP or OOP. IP i'm def semibluffing more aggressively than OOP.
    • PocketAcesJohn
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      Depends on opponent aswell. No point semi bluffing a 70/30 tard! but a 6/4 nit all day long!
    • alejandrosh
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      regardless of position/oponent/previous action/board/potsize, with a gutshot or better I always bet 35% of my stack on the flop , 40% on the turn and on the river ... I'm commited so I call it off unimproved.

      if I hit I check to trap.