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Winnings at Showdown

    • klimbo
      Joined: 08.01.2008 Posts: 127
      I have recently started playing NL50 HU at PokerStars and I think I have been doing quite well. However, I noticed a general trend in my game that I am kind of confused about and it seems like it might be a leak.
      So over some number of hands I have:
      Winnings at Showdown $1087.00
      Winnings without Showdown -$421.00

      I am not sure how I can interpret this in terms of my gameplay? Am I missing value bets on the river and going to showdown too quickly? How can my non-Showdown winnings be so negative?

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    • roswellx
      Joined: 05.12.2008 Posts: 599
      It's normal, keep doing the same thing you're doing now..
    • blackops888
      Joined: 25.04.2010 Posts: 502
      Well... I'm the kind of guy who had this same doubt for months and months. Have a look at my NL4 graph here:

      Operation Ace of Clubs - Poker PRO by Dec. 2011 Business Venture

      I did not understand what non-SD winnings were all about until I read two books: "Let there be Range" and "The no-limit Hold'em Workbook". They teach you how to understand your own hand ranges and how to evaluate your opponent's ranges, basically.

      By doing that effectively you are going to be able to c-bet bluff when the board texture is appropriate, for example. When you do that and succeed, you have a non-SD winning. You will learn to raise the river with second pair too, for example. Maybe in this situation you had a correct evaluation of your opponent's range and decided that he could not withstand this particular raise. If you succeed, you have more non-SD winnings.

      That's quite simple to understand. Have a look on those books and your game will change A LOT.

      I also had this same problem you describe before studying hand ranges.