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      I'm searching for stakes to play any kind of mtts. I feel my edge is sick good (okey not sick, but doable :) ). As you can see all my big cashes are 1. prizes, and I think it's because I'm allways sure I have a big edge when I'm at a FT.

      Stats for Stars

      As you can see, I'm up a lot (lot for me at least) this year, but I have to be honest. I suck! in cash games. So often when I win a mtt, I'm able to use brm a while then I cash out or bust. I've been a lot better in getting discipline, and have been able to hold on to my roll longer and longer now before i bust, so think next I'll win a mtt I can be able to use brm and don't bust again.

      I've been grinding .10/360t sngs at stars from some days ago, and doing pretty good there. can play 100-200sngs a day, but at those stakes it's not a lot of money.

      If someone stakes me for some mtts, I'll be able to get a chanse to get a roll a bit faster and move up to sngs where I can make money.

      I have no idea how I can make a guarantee that I'll not scam other than saying it, but can add you on facebook or if you know anyone in Norway I can meet them? if that makes you feel more safe.

      Btw, I'm not going to school or working, so have the whole day to put in a lot of volume if someone wants to stake me for many tourneys!

      Can add you on msn, skype or facebook for a easier and faster dicussion.
      Anyway, tell me if it's more you want to know and I'll answer as fast as I can!

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