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HORSE Fixed limit hold em hand

    • TeflonDon88
      Joined: 19.09.2010 Posts: 34
      I'm on the button with A :spade: J :diamond:

      Everybody calls I bet

      BB & SB Call

      UTG Reraises, everybody calls, I call

      Flop 6 :diamond: J :heart: 7 :diamond:

      Everyone checks I bet

      4 Calls (SB, UTG, MID, LATE)

      Turn A :club:

      UTG Bets, MID & LATE Call, I Raise, SB Folds

      UTG, MID & LATE Call

      River K :heart:

      Everyone Checks

      I bet

      UTG Folds, MID & LATE Call


      I have 2 Pair A J Against

      2 Pair A K (mid position)

      2 Pair K 7 (late position)

      My question is was this just a bad beat from a runner runner or shud i have folded before now =/
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    • pzhon
      Joined: 17.06.2010 Posts: 1,151
      Your play seems fine. Your description of the hand was not clear. It would help to know the positions of the players, including you, since the button is different from the CO, and it helps to know whether the UTG player was 4 seats off of the button or 6. You either switched the turn and river or labelled them incorrectly. You also said "raise" twice where I think you bet rather than raised. The number of players seems to be 5 on the flop, but 6 on the turn.

      Anyway, I would not have been surprised to see the UTG player show up with AK. It might not be the right way to play it, but some people limp-reraise with AK UTG, perhaps with a range like AKs QQ+, since they may feel that they don't get enough action if they raise UTG. However, apparently it was a player who overlimped, and who never bet or raised who turned up with AK. That is really strange. There is no reason you should put him on a hand stronger than AJ at any stage.

      Some players are very passive. Sometimes they show up with a surprisingly strong hand. This doesn't mean they are outplaying you, and you should be happy they don't charge your second-best hands. You should still bet good hands for value, but be aware that their calls do not guarantee weakness. Normally, they are also loose so you do not have to tighten your value-betting range.
    • TeflonDon88
      Joined: 19.09.2010 Posts: 34
      sorry it was late i edited it for you hope this clears it up a little :P

      thanks for the input anyway :) and did you really edit your post 1287 times?! lol
    • Waiboy
      Joined: 18.09.2008 Posts: 4,877
      Originally posted by TeflonDon88
      ... did you really edit your post 1287 times?! lol
      He's making it harder and harder to tell. If he finds a way to get rid of that tell tale line above the sig he's gonna break some hearts. :f_p: