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Real downswing or bad play?

    • darkpenance0
      Joined: 02.10.2010 Posts: 162
      Hi, I'm new to this and sorry if this is not in the right board.

      I have been building a bankroll for the past 6 weeks steadily on 2 poker sites, Full Tilt and PKR. I bought in for $25 on PKR and on Full Tilt I used the $50 bonus from here. Yesterday I had $135 on PKR and $219 on Full Tilt but today has been a shambles I have lost $57, my biggest ever loss in a single day. I am not sure whether this is due to bad luck or bad judgement.

      $24 loss on PKR

      HU cash 0.5/0.10

      It started off well, I bought in for $6 and cleared a guy out of his small stack of $2.15, I hit a full house A,8 on a flop of 8,A,2 and an 8 on the turn. The guy had an Ace and pushed as I had slow played my 2 pair from the start.

      Then another guy came in to take his place, this started off well. After 3 hands I had taken his $10 buy in to just $4 by hitting a backdoor flush King high, he had 2 pair but he allowed me a free card on the turn. Soon I had A,K and he raised me so I rerarised and he pushed, I called and he showed down K,Q clubs, he hit a Queen on the flop and he beat me.

      After that things really went tits up.

      I could not hit anything on the flop to save my life, I had a read on him that he called pretty much any 3 bet pre flop but would fold to a 3/4 pot bet on the flop if he missed, but it took me a $2 loss to finally get that nailed.

      Then came the killer hand, I had J,9 hearts on sb, I 3 bet it and he called, flop came down x9x so I top pair. He checked and I bet 3/4 pot and he called. Turn came and 9 was still top pair, he bet out half the pot which i thought was strange, the turn card was a blank, so I raised him 3/4 pot and he thought about it and called. The river came out Ace, he bet just 0.10 and after thinking about it I called. He showed down Q,9 off and took the pot with a better 9. Was this bad play on my part or was i unlucky?

      I rebought for $6 and after a few hands in I raised with 7,8 off from the sb, he called. Flop came out 7,Q,8. Now the last hand gave me info, expensive, but info all the same. He would play top pair strongly and would not be pushed off it, this gave me the chance to make my money back. He checked and I bet 3/4 pot my standard bet size whether i hit or miss, he min raised me and I called. I knew at this point he had a Queen. The turn was a 9 and he bet out 1/2 pot, I min raised again and he just called. I had him where I wanted him, or so I thought.......

      The river came out 9 pairing the board and making my flopped 2 pair menaningless. he bet just less than half the pot, I knew he had out drawn me but I called regardless and sure enough he showed down Q,5 off. He had rinsed me of 2 buy ins. Was this bad play or bad luck?

      I rebought again thinking that despite my beats I was a better player than him, I bought in for $10 thinking i could make my money back.

      I didnt last long with this buy in. After 2 hands I had pocket Aces cracked by a 3 of a kind 4s. The flop was xx4 and the turn came out another 4. I had been betting strongly, 3 bet pre and 3/4 pot post and got called both times. When the 4 came out he bet the pot, which i had not seen before but I assumed my aces were good and I pushed he called and showed down 6,4 to take the pot. Was there any way I could have gotten away from Aces?

      Full Tilt

      I had lost 2 $10 sngs. I had top pair on the flop both times, someone went all in both times and both times they had flush draws that hit. I then lost a $5 MTT, I called an All in with AK hearts against 88 and lost.

      I played another $5 MTT and made it to the final table, the hand I lost though I am unsure if I could have played it better or gotten away from it.

      I was on the bb with 66, a player in early position min raised and he got 2 callers before it was on me so I called as well.

      Flop=6,A,10 rainbow

      I check and the raiser bets minimum, he gets 2 callers and the action is back on me, I just call trying to get maximum profit. The turn is an Ace. Now I'm a bit worried, I hit a full house but it also meant that anybody who had an ace now had a chance to make a better full house. The raiser min bet again and again he got 2 callers, I now push all in hoping to get rid of everybody so that they dont draw out on me. Raiser folds but I get one caller, he shows down A,6 and wins it.

      Could this have gone any other way or was it destined to result in me losing my stack? Could I have gotten away? Could I have gotten him away since he had 2 pair on the flop? Was there any chance at all I wasnt going out?

      Ive had bad runs before but this is the largest amount Ive ever lost in a single day, I'd appreciate some feedback on if I was just unlucky or I played the hands badly.

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    • lozz08
      Joined: 26.06.2009 Posts: 106
      Do I really have to say it? You know it's coming. Surely you knew when you made this post that the first thing anyone is going to have to say to you is: BRM. BRM BRM BRM.

      0.05/0.10 HU cash games with $130 odd? Wrong. $10 sitngoes with just over $200? Wrong. If you were following the Bankroll management advice that this site tells you is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING then you would have lost less than half the amount you have and you wouldn't care. I think you know what the right thing to do is.
    • MatejM47
      Joined: 21.01.2010 Posts: 1,193
      Losing 5 BIs doesn't really count as downswing :) If you can't handle losing that big of a part of your BR then use tighter BRM, like 50BI at the minimum for SNGs as well as cash games, recommended at least 25-30 BIs. But if you tilt when you lose then you can use even tighter BRM, it really depends on player per player what BR they feel comfortable playing with.
    • darkpenance0
      Joined: 02.10.2010 Posts: 162
      lol, well thats ot exactly advice on how I could have played the hands better or if I could have got away from them. But yeah at the time I posted this I was still new to the whole BRM thing.

      To be honest though what this site recommends seems very Nitty to me, I dont see the point in grinding away at 00.2, 0.04 games with a buy in of like $2. Sure your not going bust but lets face it the number of hands you need to play at a given stake before you can advance is just insane. The standard of poker in those tiny stakes is just horrible, sure you win in the long run, anyone with half a brain will win in the long run but is it really worth the time invested?
    • ferotaraba
      Joined: 03.07.2011 Posts: 36
      where are these guys calling a 3bet preflop with 64o and calling a 3/4 pot size bet with weak pair no kicker heads up on the flop playing? i wanna go against them
    • darkpenance0
      Joined: 02.10.2010 Posts: 162
      lol, PKR.

      It was on 00.5 - 0.10 heads up, I guess people look at Tom Dwan and just think that they can play any two oop cus they can outplay you.

      Or maybe they are just bad players, I dunno.