$1k reached from $0 - Time to keep going :)

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      I recently reached the $1000 mark from starting with $0 just under 4 months ago.

      From the free $50 on here i have reached $570 running total at the micro limits on FullTilt.

      From Ipoker free signups running at about $170

      Deposit/then Withdraw to release withdrawal restrictions on a number of sites were i recieved bonuses cashed me over $200 for no work more or less.

      And investing some profit in a poker staking site has turned me some profit.

      I started it to see if getting a free bankroll together from $0 is that difficult, its not exactly easy, but its very possible and it has grown to 1k in quite a short space of time.

      I doubt i can start throwing up links here, but if anyone wants a list of all sites i have used so far to recieve free deposit bonuses or how to go about this then please just message me and i can email the list for you no problem.

      Id be glad to help :)

      So guess i gotta continue on the road and see how far my free $1000 can take me... if I can get moving on it ill let you all know on here in the future.

      gl all at the tables, and one last TYTY to pokerstrategy, keep up the good work everyone :) glgl

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