What do you do about a limp-reraise???

    • blackops888
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      Classical situation on NLHE10. I had QK on BU, it's folded to CO and he limps for $0.10. I raise to $0.40 and blinds fold.

      All of a sudden the guys re-raises to $1.60. I think of shoving for a while and then fold.

      Guy was some kind of tight not-so-loose regular with reasonable stats for NLHE10 SH (19/16/1.5).

      I got pissed when folded. I actually wanted to pull the trigger, but as I've just moved up and that was my first session on NL10, I decided to play tighter in order to get a feeling on the environment first. If it was on NL5, I'd ertainly shove.

      What you think?
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