HUD Stats?

    • cgoldie
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      My first post in the forum and I was wondering what stats people tend to find useful for HU & HU SnG play. I'm hearing a lot of people think keeping it simple (around 5 stats) is enough and some saying that a HUD is not very useful HU.

      I'm also very curious to know what the stats on Jungleman12's HUD are I've googled it to death and can't seem to find a breakdown of it. He has 13 stats on screen per player HU and a few extra in the middle that are possibly largest pots and who won them.

      I'm hoping to either replicate Jungleman12's and adjust as I see fit once I start using it or build my own based on feedback here.

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    • 3betForFood
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      SB: SBR/LIMP
      BB: fold/flat

      cbet flop/cbet turn/cbet river
      fold to flop cbet/fold to flop bet/check raise flop/donk flop
      fold to turn cbet/check raise turn

      3b pots:
      cbet flop/fold to cbet flop
      cbet turn/fold to cbet turn