Starting BSS, FR or SH ???

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    • Alficor1
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      I'd say you should def play FR. Much less variance than in SH and you dont get into so many marginal spots.
    • MatejM47
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      I personally started out with SH but recently moved to FR and its pretty much easier to play in general, especially on lower limits where there's still many fish to be had and hand reading gets easier due to tighter ranges as well so its good practice to start FR imo and move to SH once you move up to NL200 or something like that where you don't get enough FR tables anymore.
    • nathanrenard
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      Hey, check out my blog.

      You'll see that i started on FR and then moved up to SH. And i would definitely advise you to do so. Variance is much lower, and SH you'll need to be able to play too much post-flop.

      When you're starting that can lead to many costly mistakes. Start FR, and then when you're feeling confident try changing to SH.
    • Sinnology
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      THx guys.

      FR it is then.