Im not going to use the hand converter cause im not sure how to!

Im in mp2 with JJ I raise 4bb and the SB calls( have a little bit of history with him from this session he kept raising BB and always called a rerasie and broad always comes terrible when I take a stand) anyway back to the hand broad comes 2Q3 I check cause I dont want a big pot yet.

Turn comes A he checks and i raise and then he reraised i figure he has somethig like 2pair, were deep enough so i call knowing that if I hit the jack il mostly win but if not I can get away easy.

River comes jack and he bets so i shove he calls and turns over 45h for the wheel I imediatley feel sick and stupid at the same time!

Now what really pissed me off is that i've been playing good all day, then this happens i've won all my pots at show down that were'nt check down and i've won id say 70% of my non showdown pots with clever semi-bluffs.

This seems to be a growing thrend at FTP for me play good then lose a big pot with what im nearly sure is the best hand, im not saying its rigged just fairly sick. I know i could have play the hand better but its still hurts and i needed to rant about it!

Oh yea can someone tell me if my thinking was anyway right on the turn cause i figured he'd reraise AA QQ from SB or was it just a really bad call?