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All the scandall in English from the spanish comunity...

    • juansinmiedo2
      Joined: 20.10.2010 Posts: 2
      I am a member of, from the Hispanic community, where recently began the scandal.

      As you already know, from 8 to 10 of October an important event of Poker Strategy, which took place in Leizpig and was powered by Poker Stars took place, happened. This is a party in honor to Black Member users, the highest status in Poker Strategy.
      In our Hispanic community there are only two Black members, and this year was the first time one of them could be part of this event.

      I don’t know the real name of the user, but he answered under the nick Germaxi in He is member in the community since 19/09/2008.

      By different ways, being one of them the exposed in annex 1. Is known that the associated account to the nick Germaxi, is the poker stars account OMG! IM BOT , trough this account he generates strategy points.

      This bring me to report in first place a case of multi account, because as you will be able to see in annex 2, this user Germaxi already had an account in poker stars linked to your poker school Intellipoker. The picture of the user’s avatar is the same face of the pokerstrategy member photos, exposed in annex 3. Also the nickname is the same in both accounts, the first one from poker stars “Germaxi” and the second one in Poker Strategy also named “Germaxi”.

      Is important to make it clear that both accounts in poker stars “Germaxi” and “OMG! IM BOT” where created by the same person.

      On the other hand, I would like to say that it was demonstrated that the user trough the account OMG! IM BOT, committed fraud of multi players. (Shown in the graphic in annex 3) Germaxi in Poker Strategy, Black Member of the Hispanic community, travelled and stay in Leipzig from 8 of October until the last day of the event. You can check it in annex 3. As this player was travelling from Argentina to Germany, and while staying in Germany and after this in Gibraltar, as shown in annex 3. The account OMG! IMG BOT was playing and making half the usual hands he used to play every day. It is important again to say that the medium of hands played this year by OMG! IM BOT is the inhuman number of 17.000 hands per day.

      How was he able to play 10.000 hands from a plane?
      Did he played during those days from other place than Argentina?

      I guess this could be easy to check, as you see everything indicates OMG! IM BOT is an multi player account. In annex 4 I attached some pictures of Poker Table Ratings where you can see the hands played decreasing as the black member travelled away to the Black Member Party. This is not only a fraud against Poker Stars, if not also is a big scam to the policy of Poker Strategy and the rakes competitions.

      Sincerely yours and awaiting for early action on your part as well as a response to what you consider.

      Group Affected of Poker Strategy Hispanic Community.

      Annex 1:

      Next both links where the user Germaxi ask for help in the Poker Strategy forum from two hands played by the user. Under each hand send by the user you will be able to find a link to the very same hand saved by Poker Table Ratings database, we can see that Hero = Germaxi, in both hands is OMG! IM BOT.

      Hand 1º link to pokerstrategy

      To get access to the hand you need to be status GOLD, so here I attached a Screenshot.

      The same hand played, saved in PTR.

      This hands show clearly that Germaxi is OMG! IM BOT.
      Annex 2:

      This is another screenshot of the school Intellipoker, where we can see the account of Germaxi. We can check it with the image of the avatar and compare it with the links you will see in other annexes , we are talking about the same user. Clear fraud of Multi Accounting.

      Annex 3:

      This is a link to a new in the website of Poker Strategy where you can read a summary of the Black Member event. Theres also an online video with an interview to Germaxi that demonstrate in first place that is the same person that appears in the avatar of intellipoker, old user of pokerstars. Also demonstrate the fact he travelled to Germany and stay there for a few days.

      After this, travelling to Gibraltar visiting the Poker Strategy offices.

      Annex 4:

      This is the image of the graph of hands played by OMG! IM BOT!, “Germaxi”: in poker strategy. Such as is shown in PTR the travelling days he decrease to the half of hands played , being impossible to be played those hands during the travelling days in plane, anyways you can perfectly check it in your system.
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