FTP: Final table $5+0.50 doublestack

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    • Zeffke
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      7 players left... no railbirds??? :D

      EDIT: 6 left.... come on guys :) I never play final tables :D

      EDIT: 5 left

      EDIT: 4 left ... and I can't believe i'm still in....shortstack but ok...

      EDIT: 3 left

      EDIT: 2 left.... heads-up.... I've never been in this spot before but let's give it a shot...

      After about 1,5 hour heads-up , I've won the tournament and $607,50. I'll add some pics in my blog so you can announce it on the main page :D Damn... I'm proud, now getting some sleep because it's about 4.15am here. Won the last hand with pocket kings vs KQs.
    • vladnz
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      i was to late and p.s what's you nickname on tilt?

      i found it its ZeffkeKVO right?