What strategy/game should be used/played?

    • PkrMillion
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      Hey playa's.

      Since I got my 2nd $50 yesterday, I was wondering...

      What in your opinion is the best game/strategy to play/use whilst building BR on PartyPoker?

      I've been playing SSS 1c/2c 9max no limit for about 100 hands and went up $3. Not too bad for a beginner...

      Should I give the $1 SnG I try instead or just stick to SSS 9max no-limit?

      I would like to clear the bonus or atleast have $50 after they take their $50 back.

      Also, how many hands should I try play in a day?

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    • Lim00n
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      You should play what you enjoy playing, all the variants are fine as long as you enjoy yourself and are trying your best to improve at them; study one , and get better at it.
      And you should play as much as you want, don't force yourself. It all depends on the time you have, but don't neglect your learning - study a LOT :) .

      Best of luck, and most importantly, enjoy the game!
    • oblitron
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      If NL cash games seem to be working for you, I'd say stick to it for the time being. If you feel the need for a change, try Limit but only after you read (and understand) the strategy articles. And whatever you do, don't play Double Holdem! :)
    • HannesZ
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      Hi PkrMillion,

      We have an article about the different game types.

      Please read it:
      Which Type of Hold'em Poker Is Best For You?

      If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

      Best regards,