I've created my own HU HUD with quite alot of stats that can help me make decisions in certain situations and help highlight spots where I can exploit opponents and also where I am open to being exploited.

To improve it and make it easier to use overall I want to make the stats colour coded so that they change based on whether the stat is within optimal/average range or above or below.

The problem is I am not sure of the optimal/average ranges of the stats when playing Heads up and because of the lack of material on heads up stats I am having trouble finding this information.

If anyone can give me some indication on the optimal/average range for the stats I am using I would be very gratefull.

The stats I have on my HUD are:

Top bar:
  1. Hands
  2. VPIP
  3. WTSD
  4. W$SD
  5. Win % overall
 PostFlop (Flop/Turn/River):
  1. bet with opportunity
  2. check with opportunity
  3. call a bet
  4. fold to bet
  5. raise a bet
  6. fold to re-raise
  7. aggresion frequency (not yet added)
 Preflop SB:
  1. Limp
  2. Raise
  3. Fold
Preflop BB:    
  1. Call a raise
  2. Fold to raise
Preflop Re-Raise:
  1. 3bet a raise
  2. fold to 3 bet
  3. 4bet

 Here is an image of the HUD if it helps:   http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=nxs5kk&s=7

Thanks in advance!