• paaaaau
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      Hello, I'm playing with my starting capital. In reality at moment I dont know what games suits me best. I was playing a little bit of $1+0.2 supertubo sit n go's and I still can't realise is it possible to beat superturbos if u are good, or all u need is luck? Cause blinds increases almost every hand and if a player won't get any good cards for a short time period he will just bust. So is there any pro's or players who regulary make profit from superturbo sit n go's?
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    • sufix645
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      at start you should stay to normal SnG's, so you can master them and then try something that swingy as super turbos are
    • martoman2k10
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      For myself, turbo sng's are the best. Because I only 1 table at a time, I want more action than a standard speed sng has to offer

      Play enough of them and they'll become second nature to you :)

      Full tilt is where I play them - I'd advise you to play 2.25 instead of 1.20's as the rake it lower. But with $50 dollars you only have 22 buyins for the 2 dollar ones. I'd suggest you give it a go anyway

      gl hf
    • Hadi
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      I second sufix, you should save Turbo SNGs for when you have the necessary experience and bankroll to be able to handle a downswing.