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      Hello my friends, hello my enemies.
      Here retardo will share with u some of his experiences. There will be nothing new so I will kindly ask u to forgive him for all the boring parts.
      Now let’s jump into the beautiful world of poker.
      I rlly hate those poker rooms where u can post pictures as an avatar. Especially when I’m losing.
      Right now I’m sitting at a 6max surrounded by people with imagination. One has a dog dressed in Santa, next one is Pokémon, than a stupid witch from some stupid cartoons, a skull with flaming eyes and a guy next to a Lamborghini that he will never have regarding the way he’s playing.
      I’m a little ashamed cause my avatar is a pic found in the poker room image bank: some tulips that u can see also used by other players that don’t have imagination or a camera.
      The Santa dog makes a standard raise from utg and I decide to 3bet him with 67s, from the button. He is calling and the flop is 67x rainbow. Santa is checking, I bet pot and and Santa raises all in. Retardo is calling and Santa shows AKo. The turn is an A and the river is another A.
      Now, besides the poker rooms with pictures as avatars, I hate Santa and all the dogs in the world.
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