not able to join table! WTF?!

    • SebNa
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      well i'm currently playing in the 5k gtd...9$ buy in

      i played for around 15-20mins then i got disconnceted from the partypoker, even though my internet was working fine. I tried to reconnect for like 5 times until I was able again to log in, after that i obviously tried to rejoin the table asap, but i am not able to join the table. I can watch the first 5 tables of the tournament, but not any others. I'm on table #9, i had 2900 chips, which i still have as i can see in the listings, which ididcates that maybe other players on the table have the same problem and the blinds are just being folded around.
      Everytime i want to "take seat" or click on the table manually, it shows that the "connection is lost" and it opens a tab of the partypoker support site.

      Well but i cannot join the table so i cannot play, i wrote an email to the customer support/technical support, never experienced something like this before and i'm really upset with this.
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