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Need newbie advice

    • Fiszy
      Joined: 11.03.2010 Posts: 52
      So I have what is probably a very common problem; I keep losing. Shocking, right? I'll summarize:

      I average at about 89-90% on the ICM trainer. It could be more, but I just can't bring myself to push some of the stranger stuff like a 42os in late position. I wouldn't dream of doing that in a real game, and I won't do it on the ICM. Being too tight in the last stage of an SNG usually means my last opponent/s blind steals me to death, but I think I'm getting better at handling that.

      I've read a few Poker books (at least the relevant sections), and gone through the Bronze strategies on this site for SSS and SNG's. I follow them as best as I can remember, but probably not 100% as I don't have a perfect memory. Should I be memorizing the strategies before attempting playing?

      At normal NL I do mostly fine, although bad beats occur more often than I'd like and it does cost me significantly. I'm decent at SNG's, but as we know "decent" isn't going to result in any wins. I mostly play SNG's now since I find them much more fun than an ordinary NL game. Bad beats also occur with an unhappy frequency, to the point where I'd even consider AA to be a weak hand.

      Unfortunately my BR is never that big. I don't intend to deposit my own money until I have some stable amount of skill. This means I have to rely on bonuses and freebies, which = a very small BR indeed. This small BR very often gets chewed up quickly by SNG's and such, which means no more playing and no more practise for a while. Not knowing when to stop is a factor, as I'm sure it is for everyone. The temptation is overwhelming when you just came 4'th or 11'th in a tournament.

      Anyway, what would you recommend for me to study or practise more in order to be more successful?

      I was going to post this in the beginner section but I note this section has more views and is probably more fitted here as it is not about the 50$ starting capital.
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    • vikingxprs
      Joined: 21.10.2010 Posts: 15
      read Matthew Hilger - The Poker Mindset [eBook (PDF)].pdf
      and if u got no bankroll, maybe try and play with PokerAcademyPro software to get technical experience playing against the best computer bots in both cash games and sng's
      i remember back in a days i used to do >200k hands per month with that software
    • cgoldie
      Joined: 03.08.2010 Posts: 73
      As much fun as SnG's are cash games tend to be much more consistent for turning a profit as you don't have to beat the majority of the table to win some cash. Maybe building up cash slowly at micro cash games and using a % of it for SnG's would work best for you?