From $1k to $2k in 2 months

    • nitaidean
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      Well, its been about 4-5 months since I've joined PokerStrategy, with $250 in my FullTilt account and the starting $50 in my PokerStars account. And here we are now, with a solid $1000 in each =)

      Started with BBS and took my starting $50 straight to $1k, moving through the limits and now playing comfortably at NL25. Then took a break from cash, and switched to grinding 9 player turbo SNG's on FullTilt - starting with $2.25's and moving up to the $6.50's - and finally brought my balance there up to $1k as well :D

      I must say, I owe this site a lot, and all the fine people in it (especially those who made all those helpful videos!). I'm now well on my way to my goal of eventually becoming a middle stakes grinder and churning out several thousand dollars a month in side money =) hehehe... so far, I've been at around $100 a week on average since I started with PokerStrategy. And I'm going back to cash, as that is a good deal more profitable than those dirty variance full SNG's, IMO.. lol

      So thanks again - be proud of me all, and see you at the tables!! :f_cool:
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