I don't know if it was just negative variance, but something weird happened to me on my first session on NLHE10 on PokerStars.

I came from PartyPoker NL4 and ran pretty well in it with 24bb/100 in over 6000 hands. It made me a sound bankroll to start with on PokerStars NL10.

Then I went to play on my first session and lost $30 in 40 minutes. shark o

Got AA cracked by 84o, set of queens ran over by J8s when the flush hit, lost an all-in flip with AKo against JJ, all that kind of stuff. Got really tilted. It was some 15 hours ago.

Now that I recomposed myself, I think those games I played were actually VERY loose ones. You can easily run over the table on PartyPoker NL4 by raising and 3-betting, but I noticed that on PS NL10 people keep calling raises, 3-bets and also open a lot from BU and CO (compared to PP NL4).

I don't want to complain and shit like that. I just want you to share with me your impressions on PS NL10 (if the games are too loose, if you should play tight, etc, etc)

What you think?