Wrong mindset or whadever

    • vikingxprs
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      just got my $50 to play @ WilliamHILL
      and im constantly thinkin about my bankroll and always thinkin about winning and accumulating chips
      and it ends up puttin me on tilt
      u know ..
      u guys here talk always like .. have 2 grow ur bankroll or whadever, and then im like.. i have to grow my brankroll, have 2 win, aarghhh,
      its hard for me to think the right way, to be in an attitude or mindset like "i dont care about making money, i am here to make correct decisions"
      u know..
      how u guys manage to .. have that right mindset or whatnot?
      maybe thats a little because im playin without HUD?

      thanks for everyone who takes a moment to try an help me out, cheers ; )
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    • Alficor1
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      I think it's a lot about experience.. Every beginner (i guess ur a beginner too, if not then im sorry) is afraid of losing money or, to put it differently, just cares way too much about it. I believe your mindset will improve with every session u play.:)
    • TeflonDon88
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      just play your game, make correct decisions and stick to your brm, analyze your performance take a break when things arent going your way and dont play gut shots or runners even when u have a large pot in front of you ;)