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looking for HUSNG coach, $2 - $33 level

    • conall88
      Joined: 02.01.2009 Posts: 1,715
      hey , Im currently looking for some coaching for HUSNGs. rather than fork out, im interested in giving away a piece of my profit (longterm) in return for coaching and support (medium/longterm).

      as there is no precedent (that I can see) for this yet on the english forums, I figure I should layout some example terms, but similar offers are considered.

      the aim is to reach at least the $33 level.

      upon reaching the $33 level, you will gain 100% of my profit as long as my roll stays above 50 buyins. this will continue until the amount that was agreed upon has been paid off.

      once it has been paid off in full, you will then have 5-10% of my HUSNG earnings for 500 games based upon our agreement (variable) .

      what this means?
      for me it means Im guaranteed a productive series of coachings with little investment other than time, and effort.

      for you it means a nice steady income stream.


      if you have a similar proposal or are interested, reply here. since this is similar to staking, I have posted this in the staking forum aswell, since the line is kinda blurred. ( there is of course a feedback thread opened aswell.

      Im profitable in micro cash and micro sngs, so im not a total noob.
      Im also profitable in small/middle stakes MTTs.

      Conall88, swapping 100% (!) equity for HUSNG coaching
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