[DONE] Elephant on Win7x64+psql 9.0.1 HELP

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      "Connection to database NOT successful! Please ensure that PostgreSQL is running and your settings are correct."

      I have Windows 7 x64 and PostgreSQL 9.0.1 (for x64) installed.
      I keep having problems with elephant recognizing my postgres installation.

      Please help, it's anoying me totally.
      Few months ago i had trial version of elephant and everything worked perfect (with postgre 8.3). After my trial version has expired i uninstalled elephant and postgresql.
      Today i wanted to install elephant again (full version).
      I followed instructions (http://resources.pokerstrategy.com/Software/el3phant/doc/ElephantSetupGuide.pdf) and never seen dialog for postgre installation(page 15). That's why i installed newest postgre from their homepage manualy.
      Now when i start elephant i got that message.

      What I can/need to do to make this work? Would it help if i create elephant user manualy from psql shell or something?
      pls help!

      p.s. sorry for my bad english and sorry if i missed place to create this thread!

      Edit: i forgot to say that i have service postgresql-x64-9.0 running fine.
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