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Sng Ev

    • SeanKelly
      Joined: 15.10.2010 Posts: 10
      Today, during Chenny's coaching session, I brought up the subject of SNG EV, and how confusing it was.

      Whenever I'm winning, I'm -EV. Whenever I'm losing, I'm +EV. Here is a small sample size of todays earlier session:

      Uploaded with

      Chenny said he'd explain it here =]
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    • OnkelHotte
      Joined: 16.01.2005 Posts: 18,882
      Hey SeanKelly,

      I will forward this to Chenny and I hope he will reply soon.

    • pzhon
      Joined: 17.06.2010 Posts: 1,151
      The all-in luck adjustment factors out one of many types of luck in SNGs, the luck after you or other players get all-in. There are other types of luck, such as which cards you and your opponents are dealt before you get all-in. Estimating and removing this luck gives you a better estimate of your edge than the results alone, possibly doubling the effective number of tournaments you have. That is, you might get the accuracy of 1000 unadjusted tournaments after only playing 500.
    • chenny8888
      Joined: 03.10.2007 Posts: 19,324
      From my coaching feedback thread (-.- comment in/check that one please! :P )

      Originally posted by chenny8888
      All-in EV is calculated by multiplying your equity in the pot, or your chances of winning plus half your chances of tying, by the size of the pot. As a result every time we win a pot where our opponent is not drawing dead, we will be above EV and vice versa. Cashgame example: If we have 30% chance to win a 1000$ pot and lose, we become 300$ below EV. If we won that pot we would be 700$ above EV. Making plays that cause your all-in ev line to go down are not necessarily bad as a result of dead money that may be in the pot, as well as fold equity. Plus all-in EV does not consider coolers.

      In SNGs HEM bases calculations on $EV rather than cEV (cEV is the cashgame example above). $EV considers things like payouts etc as well.