First tournament win, Thanks P.S. !

    • TrubbleBubble
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      OK, so I'm not going to be retiring on the winnings - It was only a freeroll with 20GBP prize money - But everyone's got to start somewhere, right?

      I'd never played poker before joining the site 3 months ago, so I'd like to give everyone from the site an enormous "Thank You!" for bringing me so far so quickly!

      I've learned a hell of a lot so far and look forward to learning more as soon as I get my status back up to silver (Rookie mistake - didn't open my William Hill account through this site. What a waste of points!)

      Oh, and I should also thank Victoria Coren - If I didn't have a bit of a crush on her, I'd never have taken an interest in the game in the first place!
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