converting stars account???

    • terrier56
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      ok, so i signed up to long after making a stars and FT account, and although i want to continue grinding points on this site i mainly still play on stars and FT since they allow holdem manager.

      i was wondering if there was a way to make my stars and FT account under the as well so i can gen points with this site as i grind instead of playing at everest a site that lacks tables at my grind times.

      any info appreciated, thx :D
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    • Hadi
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      Hey terrier,

      unfortunately, retracking is not possible and neither is signing up a second time through us. The reason for this is that we finance our offer through referral payments from the poker rooms - and they certainly won't pay us for referring an existing customer of theirs :)

      But why don't you check out our list of partner rooms and see if there is a room that matches your preferences?