Casino Knightmare

    • HaliNutz7
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      Hey Guys Check this out for some sick sick Turn of events..

      7:00pm Walk into Halifax Nova Scotia Ca's "Casino Nova Scotia"
      7:30pm Find my way to a 1/2 NL table 8/10 players Seat9 with Max Buyin of $200.
      7:45pm watched 4 hands and time to Post the Big.
      11:45pm Left $250 at the table while i take a head clearing break from 4 hours of poker.
      12:15am Sit Back down Post Missed Blinds and Continued my regular night of poker.
      2:30 am Poker Manager Anounces 5/10NL table starting. So i cash out $220 after 7 hours of playing And Buy in to the other table for 600$ 2 others from my table shortly followed.
      2:45am The first hand is underway i post 5 BB posts 10 .. 6 Players Seated.
      My Whole Cards QQ.
      Folds to Button who raises to 25 i re-raise to 80 BB Folds Button Calls.

      Flop Q 8 6 Rainbow Flop ( 3 different suits) Pot 170$

      i play with my chips and bet 65. He instantly Raises to 220 .
      ive got the nuts and ur re-raising me..... so of course after a small deliberation and a pot Count $455... So i shove the remaining 300$ in and instantly get called.
      He Flips JJ Smiling as if to say he thinks im bluffing.. i show my trip queens leaving him devistated drawing only to running straight 9/10 or running Quads JJ.
      i start talking to the player to my right about switching tables and limits and how the luck can change,the turn 9 the river is laid and have to look back three or 4 times before it registers that ive just been donkey'd by a 10 on the river...

      i turn to BB and question his play... especially as i had been sat for several hours with the same guy knowing i was fairly Solid and certainly not one to ship 600$ first hand with anything but a made hand.

      i rebuy for $800 im dealt on the Button KK
      sb posts 5 bb posts 10 utg limps utg+1 bets 20 Next guy folds...
      hmmmm.. Surely a big re-raise will get respect.. i re-raise to 80 Sb flat calls instantly. utg folds utg+1 calls.

      Flop 789 Rainbow again. i know im gold, only thing slightly worrying would be a set or 10/J but both seem to unlikely giving the preflop action.

      Sb Checks. utg +1 bets small cant remember excactly but was either 40 or 45 i reraise to 160, sb min raises to either 280 or 285 . utg+1 folds
      now i have a dilemna.... did u really call with J10? or 56.. just thinking about it made me sick...
      so i call.
      Turn K ... i beleive this also gave a possible flush draw with 2 hearts... i wasnt worried about it as i was already concerned with the straight.
      sb bets 200$ i reraise for all my chips saying dont be a donkey buddy... once is enough... he calls and shows K6
      i looked at him in disgust as did the remaining players..
      River card 5!!!!!.

      My words and i quote aimed at the donkey were.... " your a f--ing Joke"

      Yes i was more than a little annoyed... the same guy donkied again..

      i rebuy for 600$
      a few round go by and im sat with roughly 700 of my rebuy... im utg+2 and 2 players have since sat at the table...

      10/10 in the hole.. utg folds.. utg+1 Raises to 45$ ... hes early position and new to the table cant get any read so call for a flop.. every one else folds..

      Flop: 335 utg checks... i bet 45 he calls...
      Turn: 9 on the turn ..utg bets 60 i raise to 200. he raises allin for his remaining chips,, i have him covered by about 100$
      Pot commited over pair... figured his A9 was best he had... over pair woulda been tough luck... so i call.
      he shows 34 .. river comes blank ...

      3:30 am i leave the casino over 1800$ in the hole...

      7 hours of poker playing and holding my chips..
      then in 1hr 3 hands that were in my opinion out my control... accept possibly 10's... completely ruined me.

      Please point out my flaws... and explain how i could of got away from any of the above...
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    • vladnz
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      wow that really sux
    • Puschkin81
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      Hi HaliNutz7!

      Ouch! Except from the TT I think it's all played well. Sometimes the donkeys hit but that's why we play this game: because often enough the donkeys don't hit and give us the money.

      Good luck at the tables!
    • brett1985
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      Proper bankroll management should make bad beats a trifling matter.

      I think you need to be more polite to your opponents as well.
    • Laurenz1988
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      Originally posted by brett1985
      Proper bankroll management should make bad beats a trifling matter.

      I think you need to be more polite to your opponents as well.
      Totaly agree,

      If u cant take the heat, get outta the fire.
    • patrick10
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      A) how do you jump form 1-2 to 5-10 ? thats a bit much dont you think?- whats your bankroll like ?

      B) yes, you acted like a whingy ass.
    • chenny8888
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      while it's not right a bad-beat like that would also really get to me.

      i don't think you played any of the hands wrong (even the 10-10), but a lack of proper bankroll management means you can't just take these events in stride....

      it's not SO bad to play at a higher limit (provided it's not too high) occasionally just for a bit of adrenaline and fun, but if you do manage to go broke you have to realise that the limit IS above your bankroll, and back off accordingly.
    • rrwillem
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      First hand, nothing you can do with the nuts.

      2nd hand
      You are a little annoyed and raise more then u generally would have and then play a dangerous board WAY too rough. Id say you should have at least taken a break.

      Third hand
      Bro, after 2 bad beats like that you should just go home. NOBODY keeps their composure after such beats.