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      Sup guys! I finally decided to create a coaching thread so here it is.

      I play (as main game)
      -Stars: 8 tables of NL500/200 Zoom 6max
      I coach

      Available formats
      -Hand history review
      -Video review

      If you only want to have a few hours of coaching for some quick leak fixing, I would recommend 2 hours in Video Review (for me to spot leaks fast) and 2 hours of Theory (in the common spots like Blind Defense, Preflop range construction, Flop play as the caller)

      I don't have all that much experience with Heads-up (maybe 10-20k hands) but I have watched enough videos and played a little heads-up as well while starting tables so I feel confident coaching NL50-100 HU

      Personal experience
      -NL10-100 SSS (Jan 09-Jun 09)
      -NL25-100 (Jul 09-Oct 09)
      -NL200 (Nov 09-Now)
      -NL400-600 (Mar 10-12)
      -NL200-1000 (2013)

      -Read tons of e-books, watched many videos
      -Played a little NLHE HU/PLO SH/Stud 8 in the past
      ->5 million hands of experience, 2.5 million VPPs earned at Pokerstars, 1 360 000 Strategy points (as of 17 Jan 2014)

      10 BB/100 with $150/h in 100k sample-size (more hands not included in home database)

      *Update: Oct + Nov 2012 at Pokerstars (mostly NL200 Zoom, with some 500/100/HU mixed in

      2013 Results: $125 000 profit in 1.2 million hands playing NL200-1000 8-tables of Zoom, achieving SuperNova Elite for another $100 000 in Rakeback.

      Skype: galvin_bay
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